Friday, March 20, 2009


While Affinity is instrumentally a masterpiece and Linda's voice perfectly fits into it (Affinity is heavy and more moody jazzy rock with the voice of Linda at its most heavy. Similar voices and energy can be heard in Jefferson Airplane, but even more in Julian's Treatment, Analogy, Delivery, but also Sandrose, Curved Air, Earth and Fire,Heart,... I like it very much, even "all along the Watchtower's" 12 minutes more freak out version I find it splendid), her solo album has a different approach and mood. It gives more attention to the singer, with various more soul driven songs, bluesrock, most of it very orchestrated. With songs from Nina Simone and Laura Nyro, it's clear that the area is different here. Never the less there has been (too) much studio work on the songs, making them more heavy and a bit more difficult to consume. The freak-out guitars and organ on the title track come somewhat unexpected. The album is varied, and time is needed to fully comprehend its full range / content. Participating are Chris Spedding and Soft Machine members John Marshall and Karl Jenkins. The album is fine but is more difficult to appreciate and understand immediately after having heard Affinity first. Therefore it's better to compare it with solo albums from other female singers from around these days / times

Tracks :

Backlash Blues
Paper Tulips
Black Crow
For My Darling
Pieces of Me
Lonely Women
Hymn To Valerie Solanas
The Ballad Of Marty Mole
Journey’s End
Morning For One
Barrel House Music

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  1. great album, played this on radio show to good feed back, check out the 'ballad of marty mole', garanteed to give the kids nightmares before bed! its a freaked out nusery rhyme, cheers from oz

  2. OK...Ive heard Ill see if it affects my hearing of this.....sounds good from your write up and I do like her should be good...thanbks for the share...cheers.


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