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Wind on the Water" was the second album that David Crosby and Graham Nash recorded together, coming after the first CSN&Y reunion tour tour (how many have there been now?). This 1975 album is on a par with their self-titled first effort, but is not quite as good as the stellar solo albums each produced during that time. Crosby and Nash always had the virtue of bringing out the best in each other and that is the case here. Their two-part harmonies work, from the opening track "Carry Me" to "Homeward Through the Haze" and "Naked in the Rain." Of course, there are also background vocals from the likes of James Taylor, Carole King and Jackson Browne, which just goes to prove the more the merrier. "Wind on the Water" is nicely bookended by the two most substantive songs in terms of the lyrics, "Carry Me" and "To The Last Whale: A. Critical Mass and B. Wind on the Water." This is just a solid little album of rich melodies and solid vocal harmonies.
By Lawrance M. Bernabo (The Zenith City, Duluth, Minnesota)

Tracks :

# Carry Me
# Mama Lion
# Bittersweet
# Take the Money and Run
# Naked in the Rain
# Love Work Out
# Low Down Payment
# Cowboy of Dreams
# Homeward Through the Haze
# Fieldworker
# To the Last Whale Suite: (i) Critical Mass

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