Monday, March 2, 2009


The "non-existing" collection...
I wonder if I should keep posting albums, as copcatkid said , you already have most of the albums posted on other great blogs...
And as I said in my previous posts , it's not important where the music comes from , as long as it is given with love and makes other people happy. I don't care if an album comes from a blog , site, person , cd, lp , cassette , what matters is that this kind of music brings up the best of my memories , the best of my life... And that's what We are trying to share here , memories...
Keep sharing ,
The EMB team...


  1. F those assholes preacher.
    Keep doing what your doing.

  2. Man dont let you fuck by Assholes!!You do a good Job.Thanks for all your hard Work.

  3. You always seems to find a different angle...and that we would miss if You quit, so.... Please keep up the good work!!!!

  4. Thanks for all the great shares, please keep 'em coming. To hell with the assholes!

  5. Nice collection Preacher.

    I see On Time by Grand Funk, Blind Faith, Caravan, Mike Bloomfield & Al Kooper, and a few more good vinyls.

    Talking about the other guy, oh man, don't give a shit, and keep your good work.

    Cheers from a vinyl addict

  6. I like your blog, like the pictures too. Nalepa records and ...carpet you sit on made me think of my sweet homeland :-)

  7. czy jestes polakiem

  8. Wow, nice collection dude. I can only say one collector to another I know you really enjoy listening to music, it's pure joy most of the time. I enjoy other things too, but it seems music has a solid binding force that always brings back memories, and at the same time makes me want to always discover something new. I've spent most of my day today sifting thru my CDs and such trying to catagorize them, which can be a chore, but I listen to stuff along the way too. Nice blog by the way, enjoy life.

  9. Music has always been a powerful force in my life and all too often "my only friend." What you are doing here is more than appreciated, it is going to be passed forward and contributes to the heritage of future generations. Pretentious as that sounds, it is a fact.


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