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Buckingham Nicks is a 10-track LP by Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham.The album, produced and engineered by Keith Olsen, was recorded in 1973 for Polydor Records, right after Buckingham and Nicks disbanded theirlong-time band, Fritz. It was released that September and proved to be acommercial failure. The album has since gained cult status. It was reissued in1976 when Buckingham and Nicks hit the big time with Fleetwood Mac. Itshould be noted that Nicks' name is misspelled as "Stevi" on the record.

A short tour through the American south commenced after the release of the album; Buckingham and Nicks had already joined Fleetwood Mac, but the band was still committed to the dates that were scheduled. Bootlegged concert recordings have recently surfaced on fan-sites and on peer-to-peer trading sites of two concerts in Tuscaloosa and Mobile. These tours featured early performances of Rhiannon, Sorcerer, and Monday Morning. The touring band consisted of Tom Moncrieff on bass (who later played bass on Nicks' first solo album Bella Donna), Bob Aguirre (from Fritz) on drums, and Gary
"Hoppy" Hodges who played drums on the album. Moncrieff and Hodges later formed the band Sinai 48 with a new singer-songwriter duo in 2006, marking the first reunion of any members since disbanding, aside from the continued collaboration of Buckingham and Nicks.

Despite the enduring popularity of both of its key contributors, the album was never officially released on CD. Bootlegs dubbed from vinyl have circulated since the late 1980s. It has become one of the most requested titles for CD release. In 2003, Rhino Records announced the album's pending release as a deluxe CD with bonus tracks; however, the CD was never released. Buckingham and Nicks share ownership of the album. Two of the album's ten songs have been issued on CD so far. "Long Distance Winner" was released as part of Nicks' "Enchanted" box set, and "Stephanie" turned up on a promotional only CD release by Buckingham entitled "Words and Music (A Retrospective)." Another song from the album, "Crystal", was recorded by the revamped Fleetwood Mac for the group's 1975 breakthrough LP, Fleetwood Mac, and was also recorded by Stevie herself for the soundtrack to the 1998 film Practical Magic. "Don't Let Me Down Again" was rerecorded by Fleetwood Mac for their live album, and "Frozen Love" was performed several times during the tour to support the Fleetwood Mac album.

On an interview on WRLT 100.1 Nashville (9/11/06), Buckingham has expressed an interest in the album seeing the light of day on CD. He also suggested the possibility of a future joint Lindsey Buckingham-Stevie Nicks tour in the next few years to support the re-release. Buckingham-Nicks backing musicians Tom Moncrieff and Gary Hodges have also expressed interest in reuniting with Buckingham and Nicks in a possible future tour.

Tracks :

1. "Crying in the Night" (Nicks) - 2:48
2. "Stephanie" (Buckingham) - 2:12
3. "Without A Leg To Stand On" (Buckingham) - 2:09
4. "Crystal" (Nicks) - 3:41
5. "Long Distance Winner" (Nicks) - 4:50
6. "Don't Let Me Down Again" (Buckingham) - 3:52
7. "Django" (Lewis) - 1:02
8. "Races Are Run" (Nicks) - 4:14
9. "Lola (My Love)" (Buckingham) - 3:44
10. "Frozen Love" (Nicks, Buckingham) - 7:16

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  1. This is really a great little album, I have it on vinyl, also - so glad I found it in mp3 form! They (Buckingham & Nicks) forever changed the face of modern pop music and millions of peoples lives, also - I still remember the Summers Of "Say You Love Me", "Monday Morning", "Over My Head" and of course, the Summer Of "Rhiannon" - I wish it was 1975 all over again....thanks so much

  2. this is a vinyl-rip(i guess) and it's been pitched least half key..


    but thanks anyway...


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