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The Web are perhaps best known for their progressive rock classic I Spider (available on Esoteric Recordings), an album of innovation that continues to draw comparisons with the work of Van Der Graaf Generator at that time. The Web began life as a jazz and soul influenced outfit, fronted by singer John L. Watson, enjoying Top Ten hit singles throughout Europe.

By the time of Theraphosa Blondi the band underwent a metamorphosis, with their music taking on more Jazz and Progressive influences, resulting in an excellent album that is rightly seen as a precursor to both the album I Spider and the band'sevolution into the group Samurai.

Tracks :

1. Like The Man Said / Sunshine Of Your Love 13:54
2. ´Til I Come Home Again Once More 3:02
3. Bewala 2:32
4. 1000 Miles Away 4:34
5. Blues For Two T's 2:51
6. Kilimanjaro 3:54
7. Tobacco Road / America!

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  2. Thanks for this! I love the second Web album and the Samurai album (and Lawson's subsequent work with Greenslade).

    Great to hear Chris's blog is reemerging too!

  3. Big thanks for this one, I've only ever had Fully Interlocking. Great cover!


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