Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Although this is not a current selection (which actually was origianlly recorded back in 1973), Tower of Power will remain one of funk/R&B's premier bands which used a massive horn section to highlight their work.

On this CD, the noteworthy "What is Hip?" stands out as their rocking, syncopated, break-induced tunes. AOR lit into this one, as well as the soulful "So Very Hard To Go." Both these individual tunes are worth the price of the CD, but it doesn't stop there.

AOR never quite latched onto "Soul Vaccination" but that doesn't detract from the signature sound of ToP. The horn section is what drove ToP, and to this day I cannot think of another band that accomplished what ToP was able to do, when it was able to do it.

Tower of Power still receives airplay, but on a much smaller scale, considering this style of music is now considered as what ToP said in their song "What is Hip?": "What you think might really be passe'."

It is unfortunate that ToP is not still riding the airwaves in it's former glory, but since times and tastes have changed with the generations, we can only hope that ToP will remain an icon to older boomers who remember hard-driving funk and R&B.
By R. S. Gilbert

Tracks :

1. What Is Hip? (LP Version)
2. Clever Girl (LP Version)
3. This Time It's Real (LP Version)
4. Will I Ever Find A Love? (LP Version)
5. Get Yo' Feet Back On The Ground (LP Version)
6. So Very Hard To Go (LP Version)
7. Soul Vaccination (LP Version)
8. Both Sorry Over Nothin' (LP Version)
9. Clean Slate (LP Version)
10. Just Another Day (LP Version)

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