Thursday, February 12, 2009


Number nine bread street is a pub, an obscure little building found down a narrow once-cobble street, A collection coin flip from Wakefield cathedral, almost hidden in the shadows. Number nine bread street and it's five thirty, late afternoon the five door bolts are drawn. A yellow block of light falls on the pavement. Inside the glass globes blaze, the coal fire crackle is the only sound to break this early silence. Soon the news boy will enter over the pale dunes of deal sawdust lying on the flagged floor. This is an old pub clinging to an old tradition.

The setting is peacful, nothing until six o'clock, six thirty when the door again opens and number nine bread street gradually shrugs to life. Pearls of drizzle on cropped hair and a guitar. The one long bar with its elbow-rubbed sheen stands the press of customers, more talk and blue curls of tobacco smoke haze drifts over all.

A banjo glints next to the guitar, a whistle of music, the regular voices tune up with a burst of laughter. The singing begins, a crowd of likely and unlikely characters range their voices through the rafters.

Number nine bread street, this is another night here, the place resounds with song and local talk while strangers are bearing lovely ideas away in odd corners

Number nine bread street is a record

Tracks :

1.) The Travelling People Kev Slatter (McColl-Seeger)
2.) Girl for all Seasons Dave Nuttall (Parfitt)
3.) Yes, You Gotta Gotta Walk Jane Westlake (Traditional)
4.) Love Minus Zero Ivor Lloyd-Morgan (Dylan)
5.) Painting a Lady Bob Hart (Levon-Hart)
6.) North Country Cinderella Chris Coombs
7.) No Lions, No Trumpets Bob Hart (Levon-Hart)
8.) Stroke Two (Aside Chris Coombs
9.) Doing the Rounds Piff Parfitt
10.) Summertime Ivor Lloyd-Morgan (Gershwin)
11.) Beatuful Strangers Jane Westlake (Levon-Hart)
12.) College Girl Piers Johnson (Levon-Hart)
13.) Song of Black Glass Bob Hart (Levon-Hart)
14.) Corrina Corrina Chris Coombs (Traditional)

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  1. Hey, happened upon your blog while looking for the A Passing Fancy album...I actually just needed 'Island' (PC crashed) but getting the whole album waas a very nice surprise! So just wanted to say thank you very, very much. Great blog!

  2. Well, we could also mention, Number Nine Bread Street was not only a record, but one of the first Holyground limited original lp. I have never heard, just from it, will listen now. Thank you, regards, Gyula

  3. Hi! Nice to hear Stroke Two (Aside) again, the, 2007 live version, in um 2010 (er, I think?) Holyground Records. Yeah, I'm still alive! Love & hugs, Chris Coombs X

  4. Stroke Two still going? Great. Tutors at Bretton Hall wet themselves when they heard this...& we got to play it live there again in 2007 (released on Holyground Records.) Ciao4niao, Chris Coombs X


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