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Jim Capaldi struck out on his own following the break-up of Traffic and the result is the upbeat Short Cut Draw Blood. This album produced hit singles in the form of such tracks as "It's All Up to You," "Love Hurts" and the FM staple "Johnny Too Bad." Aided by a wide variety of musician friends and dipping into a wide range of musical styles, there is something for everyone on Short Cut Draw Blood. While some cuts still have a thrown together sound to them, this album holds together even better than his first release. A fine look at the mid-'70s in terms of just how wide a variety of music could be contained on one album by one personality. ~ James Chrispell, All Music Guide

Tracks :

1. "Goodbye Love"
2. "It's All Up To You"
3. "Love Hurts" (Boudleaux Bryant)
4. "Johnny Too Bad"
5. "Short Cut Draw "
6. "Living on a Marble"
7. "Boy With A Problem"
8. "Keep On Trying"
9. "Seagull"

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