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Comprising guitarist Paul Kossoff, drummer Simon Kirke, bassist Tetsu Yamauchi, and keyboardist John "Rabbit" Bundrick, Kossoff/Kirke/Tetsu/Rabbit made one self-titled album in the early '70s. In a way, it was an interim/side project for Free, formed by Kossoff and Kirke after Free broke up (temporarily, as it turned out) in spring 1971. While Free singer Paul Rodgers performed for a while with Peace and Free bassist Andy Fraser formed Toby, Kossoff/Kirke/Tetsu/Rabbit recorded an album for Island in autumn 1971. By the time it was released in April 1972, however, Free had re-formed, with Yamauchi and Bundrick themselves joining Free for that group's final album, 1973's Heartbreaker. The Kossoff/Kirke/Tetsu/Rabbit album itself suffered from the predictable problems of less impressive vocals and songwriting than Free had featured. As such, despite the top-flight musicians involved, it's a footnote to the Free story, with a more laid-back and less bluesy feel than the early Free albums on which Kossoff and Kirke had played.

Tracks :

01 Blue Grass (Bundrick) 5:09
02 Sammy's Alright (Bundrick) 4:06
03 Anna (Kirke) 3:43
04 Just for the Box (Kossoff) 3:31
05 Hold On (Kirke/Kossoff) 5:24
06 Fool's Life (Bundrick) 4:28
07 Yellow House (Bundrick) 3:26
08 Dying Fire (Kirke) 4:32
09 I'm on the Run (Bundrick) 4:34
10 Colours (Burgess/Kossoff) 4:54

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  1. Some pretty good stuff on here with great playing from Koss. Rabbit is a decent singer as is Koss but obviuously not in the class of Paul Rodgers, but then few are. Really like this album, if you like The Band circa Big Pink you can guess what this sounds like. Recommended.


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