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The 11 tracks on this Yugoslavian obscurity could easily have been outtakes from the second or third Iceberg album, the pulling together of extreme virtuosos on keys, guitar, drums, and bass to perform a pyrotechnic jazz rock of great vigor. Like Iceberg, Den Za Den were influenced by the fusion greats of the 70s like Return To Forever, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and Weather Report although the presence of Spanish melodies seem a bit unusual for a Yugoslavian group. As the album progresses, one can't help but be awestruck by the technical prowess here, particularly the drummer who literally rips and tears through the pieces as if possessed by the spirit of Billy Cobham. If you're a fan of synth and guitar solos over fluid fusion rhythms, this odd obscurity is surely worth the trouble finding.

Tracks :

1. Svadba (Dragia Soldatovic - Dena za den) 4:08
2. Galeb (Dragia Soldatovic - Dena za den) 3:56
3. Ciganka (Arian Dema - Den za den) 3:03
4. Zedj (Vladimir Jankulovski - Den za den) 3:30
5. Fatamorgana (Arian Dema - Den za den) 4:02
6. Cocor ritam (Dimitar Cocorovski) 0:59

1. A bila je tako draga (Arian Dema - Den za den) 4:06
2. Letnja ljubav (Dragia Soldatovic - Dena za den) 3:25
3. Vodopad (Dragia Soldatovic - Dena za den) 2:41
4. Jutro i noc (Dragia Soldatovic - Dena za den) 3:55
5. Tako treba (Dragia Soldatovic - Dena za den) 5:50

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