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Brook's earlier material reflected a distinctive hard rock and psych edge, whereas his later stage material bounced all over the spectrum. Written, produced and arranged by Brooks, 1981's "High Flyer" was divided into 'Earth' and 'Space' side. The 'Earth' side featured three rock tracks while the 'Space' side showcased four of Brooks 'softer' efforts. Normally I wouldn't subject someone to a track-by-track description of an album, but based on its wrongheaded quotient this one deserved a little more insight. 'You Will Be Loved' started the album off with a patented slice of Brooks hard-rock moves. Complete with manic vocals, mind-numbing fast and crude guitar and dumb-as-a-doorknob lyrics you either loved it, or hate it. No in-betweens with respect to this one. Similarly 'Child of the City' and 'Rock and Roll Woman' both showcased Brooks' longstanding love of echoplex, sophomoric lyrics and headache inducing leads. Mind you Brooks could certainly play guitar, but he didn't have much of a style other than loud, fast, and largely tuneless. Starting off side two 'What Kind of Man' was clearly intended to showcase Brooks' as a deep and insightful artist ... Okay, 'My Lady and Me' sported cheesy synthesizers, hysterically funny female backing vocals, and had-to-hear-to-believe lyrics ('my lady and me are from another galaxy; we're here to teach love you see'). Complete with spoken word segment and an attempt at a falsetto (disturbing to say the least - our cat was not thrilled), 'Love of the Ages' underscored the fact Brooks wasn't born to sing ballads. The title track melded spacey lyrics, a surprisingly funky rhythm and a touch of Brooks' guitar prowess.

Tracks :

"High Flyer" track listing:

You Will Be Loved
Child of the City
Rock and Roll Woman
What Kind of Man
My Lady and Me
Love of the Ages
High Flyer

"No Exit" track listing:

Bottom line
Mr. strange
It's a beautiful day
Rock the world
Down and dirty blues

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  1. You Are My Man, thank you so much

  2. thank you, julia hayes

  3. To cut a artist like Terry Brooks and Strange I would say you have no musical degrees.Brooks played the songs for a movie concept that is the crazy words in My Lady and Me.and He is doing the echoplex effects came into the movie script as needed for a ufo intro.dumb as a door knocker you wrote about brooks lyrics.the songs are to movie production needs .far as nostyle as a guitar player .i would think you must play guitar. If you do play guitar try to play some of his songs and lead breaks.Then I hope you will respect this viet nam heros music as it shoul be by a pro reviewer.

  4. i feel sorry for you the brooks review must be the worst review you have published. you should remove it. brooks fans love what he plays and i can not understand the tone of your review.that is done in very poor tast.like you hate this great guitar player. man what is the deal take it down.


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