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A UK project by Giles Farnaby, instigated in 1971, that aimed to create a wonderful broth of electric folk music with strong medieval influences. The music is played with a combination of early and modern instruments (primarily made up of flutes, violins and various horns). An entirely unique sound is conjured up using the diverse instrumentation available to a band of the 1970's and tunes originally written for country dances way back in 1651. An interesting find - for those brave enough to indulge - and much like early Gryphon. Freak Emporium
In 1973 an LP called Giles Farnaby's Dream Band was released on Argo Records. The band consisted of a one-off collaboration between three respected British early music ensembles: St. George's Canzona, Trevor Crozier's Broken Consort and the choral group The Druids. Backing them were three jazz musicians: Jeff Clyne (bass guitar), Dave MacRae (electric piano) and Trevor Tomkins (drums).

Tracks :

the hare's maggot
rufty tufty - beau stratagem - appley house
the hole in the wall - the chirping of the nightingale
pathtime with good company
daphne - nonsuch - jack's maggot - childgrove
shewsbury lasses
newcastle brown
helston fury dance - picking of sticks - the butterfly
the indian queen
the happy clown
ratcllife highway
the twenty night of may
the black nad - poor robins's maggot - greensleeves
the draper's maggot - tower hill
mr. beveridge's maggot - the british toper - london's glory

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  1. Thanks a lot! I have been looking for this album for a long time.

  2. You have so many fascinating, imaginative LPs that I would never have heard. Thanks for all your work!

  3. Sorry to be picky but Giles Farnaby was a C17th British composer - he wrote a piece called 'Giles Farnaby's Dream' which gave it's name to the project, thus he certainly had no hand in masterminding the project, except perhaps by proxy through inspiration! Anyway, that's just a quibble - thanks for the info - my vinyl copy is stored somewhere and unlikely to see the light of day - nice to be reminded what a great record it is. I agree Gryphon is a very good point of reference also Shirley and Dolly Collins' Harvest releases and the Albion Band's 'Prospect Before Us'. Cheers!


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