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Practiced a very progressive hard rock influenced by Deep Purple (listening to the group's keyboard is inevitable to think of them). They were formed by brothers Angel and Diego Ruiz and his cousin Luis Genil, which respectively touching the guitar, the drums and keyboard, and Jose Torres on bass and vocals.

Born in 1969, as the stormy, but a developer decided to rename a day that went to Madrid to accompany the singer Blume of the Storm.

Many people know them to dry by Storm, but I've seen many times the name of the band as The Storm, so, as you call them.

This LP is very psychedelic, with rudimentary English and Spanish at the time some titles (in the letters could not, censorship is not ...), forgetting that the instrumental .. A curious fact that suffered and many groups of the era was that they had to sing in English to be free from censorship.Also curious is the anecdote for veáis as was the era, which counts Jose Carlos Molina (nu) had to change the name of one of his first bands Dust, censorship was bad because they are called Dust.The fact is that the disc contains songs like the rabid 'I'm busy,' 'Woman mine', 'It's all right' or the instrumental "One man called Fernandez de Cordoba, 'obviously dedicated to one of the greatest entertainers of the scene at the time, or the impressive displays of virtuosity of 'Crazy machine.Leaving on tour and get a major success, particularly in Madrid and Bilbao which become their adoptive cities, but not to forget his beloved Sevilla, which are in love.It is in this era when sharing cartel with the mythical Queen in Barcelona. It was at a performance at the Palacio de los Deportes, where the band was a major feat. The battery personally congratulated them and told them that "what am I going to do one? After your performance, it goes" and even Freddie Mercury fell to congratulate them, and liked him so much the performance of the band, which they wanted to carry on world tour with them, a view supported their manager.Offered them a juicy contract with EMI, but due to problems with Fernandez de Cordoba, was not carried out eventually.
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Tracks :

1 I've gotta tell you mama (3:07)
2 I'am busy (3:11)
3 Un señor llamado Fernandez de Cordoba (5:42)
4 Woman mine (4:44)
5 It's all right (2:46)
6 I don't know (3:33)
7 Crazy machine (6:58)
8 Experiencia sin organo (3:43)

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  1. Thankx for this rare spanish record. Merry Xmas and Happy New Year friend.

  2. hey preacher, thanks for this rare spanish gem,cheers from oz.

  3. Thanks a lot, link is still alive. Could I expect here this post in lossless?


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