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SOD was a bluesy Rock outfit from LA with a lot of beards and bad 70s long hair. To top it all off, their percussion player Jay York was a professional wrestler from the NWA! They put out two albums, and I think this is the better of the two, although the other one gets mentioned because David Axelrod did some production on it. The band gets right down to business with Too Loose To Get Tight Pt. 1 with a nice long drum break intro that leads into some funky Rock. Pt. 2 of the song is even better since it’s mostly an instrumental. Things I Wanna Say is in a similar vein with some nice horn work. In fact, the whole first side is a pretty good listen. The flipside though, isn’t half as interesting. There is another drum break on Makin It though.
(Soulstrut (Motown67))

Tracks :

01 - Too Loose To Get Tight-pt.1 (larry devers-don phillips)
02 - Too Loose To Get Tight-pt.2 (larry devers-don phillips)
03 - Things I Wanna Say (larry devers-don phillips)
04 - Love Sweet Love (larry devers-joe molina)
05 - Here (rick kellis)
06 - Ev'ryday (larry devers-robert arnold-joe molina-michael green-kenny
07 - La brea tar pit blues (jay york)
08 - I Don't Want Ya (larry devers-don phillips-robert arnold-joe
molina-rick kellis-jay york-michael green)
09 - Makin' It (larry devers-joe molina-rick kellis)

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  4. Can you reload this SOD lp ? I have been searching for the LP or Cd everywhere and it is nowhere to be found, thanks

  5. How can I find this album? My father is one of the musicians and he passed a year and a half ago....I would love to find it.


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