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The Info is provided by Jack Kramer himself.

Preacher -

Thanks for the interest in Second Coming. I'll give you some relevant
information. We formed the band in 1970 and played mostly local Chicago
clubs, but took a trip out to the Whiskey A Go Go in LA in September of
1970. Lots of people out there, including the owner of the club, loved
the band and virtually every label came to see us. The guys in the band
Chicago came by all the time, as did Keith Moon, who for some reason was
in LA. We opened for Buddy Miles (our label mate) and on a later trip to
the Whiskey opened, believe it or not, for Bill Cosby. The album was the
first done in Chicago with Dolby noise reduction on all (16) tracks.
Unfortunately, it was a little too hard for everybody to handle so we
lost much high end and crispness. We got some back on the later singles,
the last of which was produced by Jack Richardson who had been Guess
Who's producer.

The lead vocalist, guitarist, bass player and drummer were all from
Waukegan, Illinois (a city in northern Illinois). The horn section was
from Chicago. They were all terrific guys and the whole series of Second
Coming events was a great experience. I'm still in touch with Dave
Miller, who wrote most of the songs on the album and now lives in
Georgia, Buddy Stevens, the lead vocalist who lives out west, and Bill
DInwiddie, the trombonist, who remains a close friend. A couple of the
guys have died and we have lost track of a few. There is all kinds of
detail that I have, but it would take me about three hours to tell you
about it. Feel free to give me a call at xxx xxxx xxxx at any time and
I'll talk as long as you want about the band. And, yes, of course you
have my permission to play the album wherever and whenever you want,
including on your website.


Requiem For A Rainy Day
Take Me Home
Nobody Cares
It's Over
Jeremiah Crane
747 (single outtake)
Don't Let It Bring You Down (outtake)
Tomorrow Is Another Day (instrumental outtake)
Anthem (instrumental outtake)
Palmyra (take 2)
Tomorrow Is Another Day (w. vocal, outtake)
Anthem (single outtake)
Palmyra (outtake)

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Album provided by : Jack Kramer


  1. Hello Evermore
    Cant wait to listen the Album.

  2. Thanks for posting this album. My buddy Dave Miller was a member of the band and wrote many of the songs. - radio_junkie

  3. You can tell your friend he has done a remarkable job :)

  4. Hi all and greetings from germany.
    Found your blog by chance, surfin the net yesterday evening. Second coming was one of my secret favourite bands in the early seventies. Noone knows about them and often enough, after hearing my vinyl-record my friends or other persons said "hey. what´s that? chicago? No, it´s different, but great indeed!"
    What a surprise for me to read the post from Jack Kramer. Thanks very much for the download-link, some of
    the songs are new for me. I only have the vinyl record and remembering the title "Jeremiah Crane" was my goodluck, because only the google-search combination "Second Coming" and "Jeremiah Crane" brought the success finding this blog. Before with "Second Coming" alone was nothing to find.

  5. hello @ all
    A really great album. Bought it 1971 while visiting London. Didn´t know anything about the band. But loved the cover :-)) Until today I love to hear your music. Great sound. Thank you for astounding moments.Your music went along with me for a long, long time.
    greeting from Mike (germany)

  6. hi everyone, i have a test pressing of this album by the second coming and i'm wondering if this is one of many or one of few. i got it from irwin steinberg ( do not know how to spell his name), as well as an acetate of the singles 747 and anthem. if you know anything about these items please comment back. thanks


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