Wednesday, December 10, 2008


This Canadian band truly sounds like nobody else. They have a matter-of-fact, almost comic vocal style and goofy lyrics, and music with a strong pop sense but plenty of quirks. They’re too professional to be called garage, the vocals not melodic enough to be “pop,” and too musically creative to be “novelty.” Comparisons to Zappa are way off the mark (though he would be just gross enough to write a song about lancing a boil). They’re closer to 70s prog and pop weirdos like Oho or R. Stevie Moore, or even 90s indie-pop bands like Pavement. Both of their albums contain some unexpectedly interesting guitar work and a few psychedelic songs. I like them a lot; they’re unique, the songs are memorable and they’re never dull. The pressing history is a bit complex: the mono includes 'Golden Girl', while the stereo mix includes 'I can still hear them laughing' instead of 'Golden girl' and also has edits and voices not on the mono.

Tracks :

Golden Girl
Black Potato
Nothin' But
Rising Of The Sun
The Crushing Hand Of Mother
We'll Bring You Flowers For Your Wall
I Can Still Hear Them Laughing
Can I Squeeze
The Energy Ritual

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  1. Great thanks for this one !!!

    It's a very great blog with may pretty unknown gems.
    Wonderful work !

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  2. Excellent choice, Sir Preach! May your offerings get even more twisted in the future.

    Happy holidays, my friend.


    P.S. And thank YOU, Fantasy, for all of your hard work over the past few years :)

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  4. Many thankx friend. Always fantastic surprises in your blog. Salud,


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