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A local St. Louis, Missouri band. Only 100 copies of their album were pressed and the above two non-LP 45s were often given away free with it. We're talking an ultra rarity of the highest order here. There are a couple of pseudo-country tracks (Happy Face and Got To Keep Travelling On) but the rest is for the most part mindblowing psychedelia. The best of these are Catfish, with some bluesy psychedelic guitar work, andtwo social commentary songs, Get A Gun and Let's Keep The Children On The Streets, a song about the riotsof the sixties. Tiring of the pop and R&B scene, Touch were formed in mid-67, to create a more powerful fusion of psychedelic blues, and they quickly picked up support slots for acts such as Steppenwolf, Cream and Iron Butterfly, also playing at a Free festival with Big Brother & The Holding Co. and The Allman Bros in '68. (Fuzz Acid & Flowers)

Tracks :

1. Stormy Monday Blues
2. Round Trip
3. Day To Day Man
4. Light My Fire not rated
5. Lady Of The Universe (Unreleased)
6. The Magic Inside You (Unreleased)
7. Rainbow (Unreleased)
8. Happy Face
9. Beginnings
10. Get A Gun
11. Catfish
12. Got To Keep Travelin' On
13. Let's Keep The Children On The Streets
14. Motor City's Burning not rated
15. Gettin' Off

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  1. Really fantastic underground 60s sounds. This was the true independent music.

  2. t h a n k x

    m e r c i

    d a n k e

    g r a c i a s

    Great post!!!!!!!!

  3. Muchas gracias. Un gran disco, como todo el material que ha publicado Gear Fab.

    Thank you

  4. Hi There!
    No dubt, great record but are you sure the last track is on this records? It sound like something
    years distant from the rest of the work.
    All the best.


  5. just to be sure jou can preview the tracks here

  6. Thank you dear Preacher,
    it seems that the last track
    is right on.
    Remain the mistery of strange changin sound of the group!
    Merry Xmas happy New Year and
    thanks again for your wonderfull
    work on this blog!


  7. vraiment très bon


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