Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TIN HOUSE - S/T 1971

It's difficult for me to be totally objective in reviewing this CD, as I was the recording engineer on the project. However, I do believe the "album" (that's what we called them back then) offers eome very interesing original songwriting and excellent guitar work by then-17-year-old Floyd Radford. There are a couple of lighter weight cuts - "I Want Your Body" and "30-Weight Blues" - but even these are well-played and have fine guitar solos. As for the production values, I guess it's even more difficult to be objective about those. But the recording was done in 1971, on 16-track analog tape and mixed to 2-track analog. There are very few special effects on the recordings - other than Floyd's pedal effects - as there were no "boxes" like phasers, flangers, digital delays, etc., available in "studio grade." But given those limitations, there are some interesting guitar and vocal effects, most produced by multiple-tracking of voices and guitars. Some delay echo effects were created using additional tape machines and commercial "plate" echo chambers. Overall, this CD is an example of a progressive rock trio from the early 70s that showed a lot of promise, but unfortunately, like so many others from that era, broke up and disappeared from the scene.
pweiss45 (Plainview, NY USA)

Tracks :

1.I Want Your Body
2.30 Weight Blues
3.Be Good and Be Kind
4.You've Gone Too Far
5.Silver Star
6.Personal Gain
7.Jezebel, Give Me Your Lovin'
9.Endamus Finallamus
10.Lady of the Silent Opera

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  1. Thank U Very Much. Album, I Remember What They Are.music Very Enjoyable. TA,.

  2. Thanks so much, I've been trying to get this for years. I used to see Tin House when they were a local band, from Winter Park, FL. I went to the same high school but was a couple years behind them. Years later I heard that Floyd became an engineer for Martin Marietta, but still saw him play over the years, new age stuff. Logan reformed Tin House recently here in Orlando, but not the same music. Great job as engineer on the album, by the way. I used to own it.

  3. Thanks so much for this album. I used to own it years and years ago. Tin House was a local band here, in Orlando, and I saw them many times as a teen. The guys went to my high school but were a few years ahead of me. I always wanted to buy it as a CD but never could find it. I heard the guitarist became an engineer for Martin Marietta, but he still played publically now and then, got into new age stuff. The band reformed here in 2008, but is totally different sounding. Thanks again.


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