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Often billed as the West Country Beatles, this Bristol sextet started out of the local folk scene from there and developed quickly a strange presence on stage with the group using rhubarb leaves and dustbin lids as stage props and their strange cartoon-like characters described in their songs, a bit reminiscent of Gong’s Planet Gong. The debut album (recorded only as a quintet) is full of those very bizarre heroes, but let’s some real space for instrumental interplay often mixing their folk rock with symphonic instrumentation. By the second album, the again-sextet was building a healthy following in the club and university circuit.

Their fixation with the Beatles pushed them to require Sir George Martin’s services for their third album Bowler Hat, but although the group gained a better visibility, it was at the expense of the humour and group soul. This will cause such a rift in the band that even before the album got a release, only two members were left in the band. Having to rebuild the group, they got transferred to Elton John’s private label Rocket Records (still distributed by MCA) and in came Rod Bowkett (who will write most tunes on the new album) and Audience’s Keith Gemmel, which will change the sound of the band since they now have two wind players. The ensuing album Extravaganza returns to the madness of their first two albums with the second side simply mind-blowing. The group will again disintegrate and will reform with original bassist Crun Walter back in the fold and Dave Lawson (ex-Web/Samurai and then-Greenslade) as a guest. Their album will a full-blown concept album describing Mr Mick’s daily life and dreams.
Stackridge has reformed and released a few live album around the turn of the century.

:::: Bio written by Hugues Chantraine, Belgium ::::

Tracks :

1. Lummy Days (3:22)
2. Friendliness, Pt. 1 (2:30)
3. Anyone for Tennis (2:32)
4. There Is Not Refuge (3:24)
5. Syracuse the Elephant (8:47)
6. Amazingly Agnes (3:31)
7. Father Frankenstein Is Behind Your Pillow (3:36)
8. Keep on Clucking (4:04)
9. Story of My Heart (2:04)
10. Friendliness, Pt. 2 (1:55)
11. Teatime (5:49)
12. Slark* (4:46)
13. Everyman* (4:27)
14. Purple Spaceships Over Yatton* (6:39)

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