Sunday, November 23, 2008


A rare psychedelic record from the 60s, in which this band called Rainbow pulls out all the stops. Part “Sgt. Pepper,” part San Francisco, part Mothers, “After the Storm” displays an exuberance and confidence that befits an era where even lesser talents felt they change the world. From the whimsical, carnivalesque “Debby’s Party” and “The Ballad of Captain Bob and The Good Ship Venus,” through the prog soul of “Love Allusion” and “Milk and Honey Lovin’.” There is also a game stab at “I Just Want To Make Love to You,” that kind of works, but maybe wasn’t such a good idea. So “After the Storm” is a mixed bag that was intended to be mixed. With its erratic variety of styles and sunny disposition, Rainbow ought to win over some fans, some 40 years too late. Relics like this are cool when they can deliver both nostalgia and some surprisingly good tunes.

Tracks :

Debby's Party
Ballad of Captain Bob & The Good Ship Venus, The
Love Allusions
Milk & Honey Lovin'
I Just Want to Make Love to You
Leaf Clover
Prelude to the Music Makers Concerto
Does Your Head Straightening?
Midnight Candle
Mary Lou
Everything's Cool
After the Storm

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  1. ok...thats it....I better stop now. I could listen to everything you have on here but i cant be too greedy....thank you for sharing all your marvellous stuff and this seems a good one to end on....Ill proberly be back but till then....once again thank you for your kindness....and excellent taste.....very much obliged.


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