Wednesday, November 12, 2008


This is the first album (1973) from a great Dutch band. Wonderful music, one might call it symphonic rock. It has some resemblances with the first albums of Genesis and Yes. But the group certainly has his own style: a bit baroque, wonderful melodies and nice arrangements. Especially the voice of Max Werner (passionate and a bit "mean"), the high-pitched voice of drummer Ton Koopman and the wonderful melodies from the keyboards of Ton Scherpenzeel, (also the leader of the band and composer of most songs), are from a great quality and an outstanding beauty. "Lyrics", "Forever is a lonely thought" and the titlesong are the highlights from the highlights.

Tracks :

Reason for It All
Mouldy Wood
Lovely Luna
Hope for a Life
Ballet of the Cripple
Forever Is a Lonely Thought
See See the Sun
Still Try to Write a Book
Give It a Name

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