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This album was released when John was at the apex of his popularity, and the songs on this album served to propel him firmly into the stratosphere. From the comical "Thank God I'm A Country Boy' to the incredible smash hit "Annie's Song", John Denver showcases his incredible talents here. Denver almost single-handedly began the outdoor backpacking, hiking, and orienteering movements by popularizing the idea of nature as an important element in modern life, and more than a few of the young babyboomers, like John, were more than ready for the kind of unconventional intimacy with nature he sang about so effortlessly and so elegantly. From "Sweet Surrender" to "This Old Guitar'", Denver's songs soar in their description of the beauties of a simple and natural life and in being close to the "great wide-open'.

Denver also does an unusually good cover of "Grandma's Feather Bed", written by a friend by usually identified with Denver himself. Indeed, the simple and well arranged acoustic blast of infectious energy and sweet simplicity that was John Denver is here in spades, whether it be in original songs like "Matthew" or with covers of others' work, the kid who had adopted the majesty of Colorado for his setting and his inspiration sings simply, sentimentally, and superbly about the simple pleasures and undying verities of a homespun and simple life well lived. My special favorite here is "Back Home Again", and I always wondered why it (and also "Matthew") wasn't a bigger hit for John. Hearing John sing in his youthful enthusiasm about what turns him on is still a rare treat.

Tracks :

1. Back Home Again
2. On The Road
3. Grandma's Feather Bed
4. Matthew
5. Thank God I'm A Country Boy
6. The Music Is You
7. Annie's Song
8. It's Up To You
9. Cool An' Green An' Shady
10. Eclipse
11. Sweet Surrender
12. This Old Guitar

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