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The Origins of Head and the Hares date back to the fall of 1988 when Massimo di Gianfracesco, Andrea Roberti and Alessandro Cozzi Lepri decided to form a band. Along with two other members who have since been replaced, the Spookies were born.Originally inspired by compilations like Back from the Grave and 80s garage bands such as the Chesterfield Kings and Wylde Mammoths they began work on a set of originals and covers.
As time went on, they became more influenced by mid-60s garage bands from the US. Many bands from New England area were particular favorites and it was those bands which prompted a change in their sound, and name. In 1991 the Spookies became Head and the Hares in honor of the Massachusetts band of the same name who released one 45 in 1966. By this time Roberto Sarais and Diego Filippi had replaced the original Spookies members.
In early 1992 they made and inexpensive demo tape which included a cover version of a song by the original Head and the Hares "I Won't Come Back" as well as some original songs. A copy of this tape was sent to Dave Brown of Distortions Records(and Sandoz Lome!)fame for his opinion. Dave surprised the band by offering to release an EP of the material. Shortly thereafter , he decided that an entire LP would be more appropriate, and in the fall of 1992 the debut LP Head and the Hares was released on Moulty Records. This record was a brilliant blend of garage and folk-rock that captured the classic New England sound of the 60s.Mixing obscure covers with original material, this record is quite easily the best garage album to have come out in years! This record received many favorable reviews on both sides of the Atlantic.

Tracks :

Try To Forget
Tommorrow Never Ends
Get You
Love If You Can
A Message To Pretty
How She Was Good For Me
I Saw Erica
I Don't Know
From My Window
One Against The World
I've Been Told
Feel A Whole Lot Better (bonus) (
The Byrds)

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There has been a mistake in the rar archive , i have mistakenly put a song by john denver in there ( It's a good song though ) , just delete the song and carry on...

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