Wednesday, November 12, 2008

GANDALF - GANDALF 2 (1968-1971)

Gandalf 2 never existed in its own time. Sundazed cobbled it together from strays when collector interest in their reissue of the psych band's '68 LP proved high. Smart idea: the sequel is the better record. For one thing, guitar/ vox Peter Sando was adept at crafting ornate, breezy pop gems, but only a couple of them made it onto the band's sole album, which was stuffed instead with covers. Eight of Sando's leftovers find their way 2, among them a folk inspired solo acoustic guitar/ harmonica mood piece, the spare and graceful Smokey Topaz. An elongated demo of Golden Earrings, which led off the official album, is of historical interest, as are three tracks recorded by Sando with the Barracuda, all written by Bonner & Gordon of Happy Together fame.

Tracks :

Bird In The Hand
Days Are Only Here And Gone
Smokey Topaz
No Earth Can Be Won
Bad Dream
I Won't Cry No More
The Dance At St. Francis
Julie (the Song I Sing Is You)
Over This Table
Golden Earrings
Tears Of Ages
Downbound Train

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  1. Thanks for this one, preacher! There are some definite goodies on this, some even better than the original release.


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