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1971's 'Teenage Licks' (RIVERCD046 ***) was voted one of that year's best albums by several music papers and also consolidated Maggie Bell's status as one of the best female rock vocalists.

Ronnie Leahy replaced McGinnis on keyboards whilst Steve Thompson came in for the departed Dewar. Essentially this was a different band, but the funky blues rock continued.

If anything, there was a touch more rock 'n' roll on this album, and in places it has the feel of The Faces with a female vocalist.

'Mr Wizard' and 'One Five Eight' shows their ability to produce punchy riff-driven tunes within a five to six minute time frame whilst 'Seven Lakes' veers towards jazzy prog with more than a nod to Traffic.

These two albums are straight reissues of the originals, and it's a pity they couldn't have been bolstered with some bonus material or outtakes. This is, though, a minor gripe. These reissues will be a welcome replacement for dusty vinyl.
Review by David Randall

Tracks :

Big Jim Salter
Don't Think Twice
Keep on Rollin'
Ailen Mochree
One Five Eight
I May Be Right I May Be W
Seven Lakes

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