Saturday, November 22, 2008


Psychedelic Underground is an eccentric, soulful acid fuzzy rokin' essay that cearly prefigures a part of the krautrock movement. The freaked out instrumental sections get the highest interest here, nicely inspired and furiously savage with e-guitar crescendos, amusing keyboard arrangements. However these exciting, improvised moments are punctuated by silly vocals and a certain naivity. So bad introduces the album with a catchy, infectious, amazing psych-rock improvisation. It's over figures among the best pieces, providing a captivating, emotional buesy-rockin' effervescence. I'm so afraid is a druggy heavy rock piece with psych effects / interactions , always dominated by solid Hammond organ sequences. We can also feel the distinctive influence from classic 60's US psych-garage bands. Not a strong musical identity but an enthusiastic and energized psych-kraut trip that can easily ravish fans of the genre.
Review by philippe (Philippe Blache)

Tracks :

1.So Bad
2.Classic Bokaj
3.It's Over
4.Only a Child
5.Sad Bokaj
6.I'm So Afraid
7.Bokaj Retsiem
8.Bossa Bokaj
10.Something's Wrong With Bokaj

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  1. Thanks Evermore.Good Psychy Album.


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