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Fronted by vocalist Linda Hoyle Affinity's one and only LP is now worth around BP60 on the collectors' market. Not bad for a band whose entire recorded output consists of just the "Affinity" LP and the single "Eli's Song"/"United States Of Mind" (Vertigo 6059 018) which is in itself worth around BP10. Ably supported by guitarist Mike Jupp, bassist Mo Foster, organist Lynton Naiff and drummer Grant Serpell, Affinity were one of several UK jazz-rock groups signed up by the influential Vertigo Records. But although the band's seven-track debut was well received by the critics, it didn't dissuade the group from splitting up soon after its release in 1970.

Linda Hoyle continued to record for Vertigo, releasing the "Pieces Of Me" LP (Vertigo 6360060) in 1971 on which she was backed by Chris Spedding and Soft Machine members John Marshall and Karl Jenkins. The LP was a much more varied one than Affinity's, ranging from ballads to hard rock, and though it wasn't a commercial success, it's now worth something like BP125 to a dedicated devotee Vertigo Records collector. Drummer Grant Serpell went on to join Sailor, playing on hits like "Girls Girls Girls" and "A Glass Of Champagne", whilst organist Lynton Naiff gigged with Toe Fat, the band led by ex-Rebel Rouser Cliff Bennett. Mo Foster later resurfaced in Ray Fenwick-led Fancy, in the mid 70s.
Taken from the 1993 reissue of

Tracks :

I Am And So Are You
Night Flight
I Wonder If I Care As Much
Mr. Joy
Three Sisters
Coconut Grove
All Along The Watchtower
Eli's Coming
United States Of Mind

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