Friday, October 3, 2008


Zephyr is one heck of a great band! Like many people, I wanted to hear this album because of Tommy Bolin's fantastic guitar playing. He's one of the most underrated rock guitarists of the 70's. I knew the guitar playing would be great, but I had no idea the songwriting would be entirely unique and diverse. Each song on this Zephyr album can either be considered pop rock or jam rock. Seriously, each song is filled with many little tasty instrumental goodies to satisfy almost anyone who appreciates rock music from the 60's and 70's. The lead singer understands how to connect to the listener with emotional vocals too.

You have the title song which reminds me of something Rush would do on their second album, "Keep Me" reminds me of the kind of emotional brilliance Carole King is known for, and "Take My Love" is like a blend between Miles Davis, Blood, Sweat and Tears, and Jefferson Airplane. That bassline is addicting, and the vocals are fantastic as well. The jazzy solo is another highlight. Absolutely love this track.

The second song called "Miss Libertine" reminds me of the Jefferson Airplane yet again. Remember how Jefferson Airplane had the talent to be creative, experimental geniuses who sounded like *no one* else? Well, Zephyr has that same talent. An extraordinary band. The last song on the album has a psychedelic piano melody with some neat drumming included.

The rest of the songs are just really high quality rock songs that can be filled with tasty instrumental bits underneath the vocals, and some of the most creative and underrated songwriting abilities I have ever heard. An easy perfect rating for this album. I seriously hope more people check out this incredible album, because right at this very moment, I'm totally shocked it wasn't more popular than it was. Trust me, this is a wonderful album for every single second.

Every song has its own sound and style, the songwriting is unbelievably catchy, and the instrumental bits are really satisfying for anyone who likes to jam out. It's perfect!

By B. E Jackson (Pennsylvania)

Tracks :

01 - Going Back To Colorado
02 - Miss Libertine
03 - Night Fades Softly
04 - The Radio Song
05 - See My People Come Together
06 - Showbizzy
07 - Keep Me
08 - Take My Love
09 - I'll be Right Here
10 - At This Very Moment

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