Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Rare psych-brass rock , 9 member band, similar to Blood Sweat & Tears , could not find any info about the band.

Tracks :

1 Requiem For A Rainy Day
2 Take Me Home
3 Nobody Cares
4 Landlubber
5 Roundhouse
6 It's Over
7 Jeremiah Crane

Link :

Ripped by : evermoreblues
Artwork Included


  1. Hi Preacher , here some informations

    Second Coming were a 'horn rock' band who were originally from Chicago. The group moved to San Francisco and released one album and a couple of singles at the start of the 1970's. The Singles are Requiem For A Rainy Day / Round, Secong Coming, 1970, Mercury 73147
    no info 747 / Take Me Home?, Secong Coming, 1970, Mercury 73184
    no info Anthem / Palmyra?, Secong Coming, 1971, Mercury 73263
    Members :
    Jack Kramer (trumpet, buglehorn, trombone, background vocals), Buddy Stephens (trumpet, lead vocals), Bill Dinwiddie (trombone, percussion, background vocals), Rick Rudolph (tenor sax, alto sax, baritone sax, alto flute, trombone), Les King (drums, congas, percussion, tympani), Dave Miller (Hammond organ, e-piano, background vocals), Ernie Sell (Fender bass, guitar, background vocals), Bob Penny (guitar, lead vocals, background vocals), Tom Palmer (Fender bass, guitar, lead vocals, background vocals)

    cheers my friend

  2. thank you for the info , friend :)

  3. hey guys, oddly enough, my dad was the trumpet player of this group, Jack Kramer... It's really awesome you guys know about it! We recently cleaned up the album a little bit and got some new tracks. I'll keep a link here for a while:

    Spread the love! If you have any questions, comments, or anything about them feel free to ask!

  4. I listened to your rip, and it sounds really good, and the artwork is good too, thanks! Oh, and there's some extra songs on the album I linked to that you might like in addition to the seven you have.

  5. Thank you , Franklin. I was pleasantly surprised by your comment :) , I can upload the album and the extra songs , with your and your father's permission of course, after I listen to them. You can write the review of the album . The credit, for both, the album and the review will be yours. Thanx again.

  6. yeah, he would be totally cool (and actually very happy) if you uploaded it; at this point he thinks its awesome whenever people listen to it, so he'll really like this story about how you uploaded his album. You can go ahead and write the review for it, I'd probably be a little bit biased, and I'm not really sure how to go about it (oddly enough I don't listen to music too much). But if you have any questions about anything pertaining to the band/Jack Kramer feel free to ask and I can send them over to my dad. Actually, I'm sure he'd love it if you had questions or anything that you wanted to talk about. Thanks for uploading it!

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  8. franklin, i would love to contact you and your father , please leave an email, or contact me by msn messenger at I will gladly upload the album , and would to hear ( read ) your father's perspective and memories about the times when he played in the band. BTW incredible album !

  9. Thanks! I'm sure he'd love to hear that. His email is jack @ jackkramer .com (no spaces). I'm sure he has a lot to talk about!

  10. hey, this album is amazing! my favorite [right now] is "nobody cares". thanx a lot for the post, preacher, and franklin, for the info.


  11. i actually have a test pressing of this group's album. i got it straight from irwin steinberg. also have an acetate of the 747 single.


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