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Rick Saucedo is a musician, songwriter, actor, and Elvis tribute artist. Born November 20, 1955 and raised in the city of Chicago, Illinois, Saucedo had an increasing interest in music. He had always appreciated the music of Elvis Presley, but in 1972, one song caught his attention. "Burning Love", a 1972 Elvis hit, was the main catalyst for Saucedo to create a tribute performance to Elvis Presley. At the age of seventeen, Saucedo began performing in nightclubs and bars around Chicago. Upon forming his band, The Ambassadors, Saucedo landed the role of Elvis in the 1978 Broadway musical Elvis-The Legend Lives. Along with Elvis' original backup group, The Jordanaires, Elvis' original drummer, D.J. Fontana, and original backup vocalist Millie Kirkham, Saucedo recreated Elvis' career. Ever since, Saucedo has been credited as one of the original Elvis tribute artists. He has been performing longer than Elvis did and it was his full-time job before people made habits out of impersonating Elvis. Decades later, Saucedo is still considered one of the top tributes to Elvis and has never stopped entertaining. He performs at clubs, restaurants, festivals, theaters, casinos, banquet halls, and more. Saucedo's schedule has him performing at over one hundred places a year.

Tracks :

01 - Reality - 4.25
02 - In My Mind - 4.12
03 - Country Shakin´ History Makin´ - 2.48
04 - Ka Mon Gonna Rock All Night Long - 3.52
05 - Heaven Was Blue - 18.29

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