Tuesday, October 7, 2008


The album "Highway Call" is an excellent choice for those that appreciate the Dicky Betts clean style guitar sound. This album is much different than his others. It emphasizes a joyful blend of lyrics and instruments. Great musicians whose names speak for themselves; The Rambos, Vassar Clements, Tommy Talton, Jeff Hanna; John Hughey, Chuch Leavell, etc. I wish this artist would make more albums like this. He has great talent and this album showcases it.

Info by : Tracy (Ocala, FL, USA)

Tracks :

1. Long Time Gone - Dickey Betts, Richard Betts
2. Rain - Dickey Betts, Richard Betts
3. Highway Call - Dickey Betts, Richard Betts
4. Let Nature Sing - Richard Betts
5. Hand Picked - Richard Betts
6. Kissimmee Kid - Richard Betts

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  1. Thank you for this. A great album.

  2. I had this on vinyl..Great to get a
    new listen to it! Thanks,

  3. This was the first album I ever imported from overseas. It was 1974 and I was 16 at the time and living on the south coast of NSW, Australia.

    Two of the tracks, Highway Call and Hand Picked had been played on a late night radio showed that played and reviewed overseas album releases. My brother Paul used to tape the show on cassette and we would play the tape in the car on a cassette player when we went for drives.

    Those two tracks captured my imagination and I found a place in Wales, UK, of all places, from which I could import the album. I still have it and it is a keeper.

    I recently drove 400km north from home to do some work and the CD of the album received quite a few play during the journey. I taped the LP on to cassette as soon as I obtained it so the original vinyl is still in great condition.

    The musicianship, vocals and production are second to none. It is unique in my collection of albums in terms of genre and style.

    Cheers, John.


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