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Primevil began a short but epic journey as a group of young Indiana rural misfit rockers who dreamed about playing music in front of thousands! Primevil went fro "O to 300" in less time than almost any band before them. The band literally started out from square one when everybody's bud Mel Cupp had to learn to play drums to be in the band and just a few months later the band was rockin' and rollin' onstage with the likes of Z Z Top, Kansas, Renaissance, Roy Buchanan, Muddy Waters and Billy Cobham. Primevil released two vinyl efforts with the first being a 45 that the band thought was so bad they used to literally use them for target practice. There are only 8 45's known to still exist and are a prized collector's item. The other release was the now legendary "Smokin' Bats At Campton's" which has been hailed around the globe as a hard rock masterpiece. Copies of the true and original Primevil "Smokin' Bats At Campton's" LP have fetched more than $1000 on the open market and are extremely rare. Recorded at the historic 700 West Studio and produced by Moe Whittemore, fans of the best hard rockin' early 70's fare are now finally able to have, hold and enjoy this fully authorized CD re-release of this classic!
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Tracks :

1 Leavin' 3:51
2 Progress 3:25
3 Fantasies 6:00
4 Pretty Woman 3:11
5 Tell Me If You Can 5:20
6 Hey Lover 2:36
7 High Steppin' Stomper 4:27
8 Your Blues 7:2

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