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One Foot In History is just a gem. At this point, Nitzinger employed Bugs Henderson as their second guitarist, though he appeared practically on every song on the first album--just remember the "Beware of Bugs" warning was referring to Bugs Henderson. I will always love this album. I've played the vinyl to the point where Cripple Gnat Bounce is beginning to skip on two occassions--and this is an original copy. But on side one,Take a Picture, Motherlode, God Bless the Pervert,and Eartheater complement each other very nicely. There's some excellent dual guitar work on all four songs. Very tight compositions which have to be blasted in order to be appreciated. Driftwood is a great song, and I believe it's placed strategically at the end of side 2 two give our eardrums a rest, but it's definitely not filler. There is no such thing as filler on a Nitzinger album. Side two opens with two great guitar duos,Let the Living Grow and The Cripple Gnat Bounce. It has you bouncing around and getting all sweaty ... By the way, Cripple Gnat Bounce was redone by Bugs Henderson and the Shuffle Kings on his Four Tens Strike Again Album back in 1996. I suggest that you look for it. And Bugs once again covered Hero of the War on his 1998 CD, Have Blues Must Rock--and I highly recommend both albums. The album winds down--if you want to call it that--with the title track, ONe Foot in History--which always gets me singin' out loud, and Uncle John--another great Southern heavy folk rocker. This is just one excellent ground breaking album which should have put Southern Rock & Roll on its ears. - Jeffrey D. Prill (Peoria, Illinois United States)

Tracks :

01 Take a Picture
02 Motherlode
03 God Bless the Pervert
04 Earth Eater
05 Driftwood
06 Let the Living Grow
07 Cripple Gnat Boune
08 One Foot in History
09 Uncle John
10 Texas Blues, Jelly Roll (Bonus)
11 Power Glide (Bonus)

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