Friday, October 10, 2008


"Jackal - Awake SKU TL2002 Released in 1973 on the obscure Canadian Periwinkle label, Jackal's "Awake" album has become a highly sought after album by collector's of heavy psychedelic/progressive rock. Original copies have sold for as much as $300! After an exhaustive five year search we have finally located the original master tapes.Drawing inspiration from Deep Purple, Jackal incorporates dazzling guitar/organ interplay evoking Blackmore and Lord at their heaviest. The complexity of their music took them far beyond the basic hard rock sounds of many of their peers. Perhaps with a few lucky breaks the band could have gone on to bigger and better things. All that's left of their legacy is this sole collector's item."

Tracks :

At the Station
For You Day
Sunny Side of the Day
New Day Has Arisen
How Time Has Flown
Lost in the World
In the Heavens

Link :

Ripped by : evermoreblues
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