Sunday, October 19, 2008


"This much heavier second album is the one that most collectors know, due to lots of fuzz and wah wah on the guitars. The sparse trio format is the same as on the first album, except that the clean guitar is replaced by distortion and effects. Strangely enough, that makes the sound less full than on the debut. It admittedly sounds pretty cool, but after a few listens it becomes apparent that the songwriting is actually pretty weak, with only two or three songs at a high standard. Worth listening to for those songs, but overall a patchy record.

Tracks :

1. Do You Understand the Words
2. All Day
3. Good Time Music
4. Hold On Child
5. T.C.A.
6. Dear Lord
7. Oh My
8. Power

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Ripped by : evermoreblues
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  1. thanks for the shitty music and shitty review. why would anyone bother downloading this? thanks a lot. asshole.

  2. Thanks for interesting review. I'm considering buying this album and are thankful for all reviews. This was very helpful. Best, Magnum, Norway

  3. This band is awesome!!!! thank you so much!


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