Friday, October 31, 2008


Very pro-sounding 1970s Christian hippie folkrock LP with a slicker sound than universally loved Jesus rock monsters like Kristyl et al. Impressive vocal harmonies manage to convey a wide range of emotions within the realm of an elaborate production. Other notable features include typical 70s keyboard wizardry, some good guitar, and intricate Third Estate-style arrangements that occasionally stray into the overambitious. Includes a cover of "One in spirit", rest is group originals. May be too much of a mainstream studio Steely Dan trip for some, but apart from one atypical country track I think it's pretty good. Release year seems to be 1971 but it actually sounds more like 1975-76 to me. Apart from the back cover difference, the original press has a different font on the front cover logo, and the label logo in the left corner instead of the right.

Tracks :

1 - Prologue
2 - Kingdom
3 - Change
4 - One in the Spirit
5 - Share
6 - Country Tune
7 - Joy of Salvation
8 - Truth
9 - Free
10 - Epilogue

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  1. From the Legendary Steely Dan Man WALTER BECKER NEW ALBUM ‘Circus Money’ OUT NOW

    Unrepentantly and delightfully steely Dan-esque An understated gem.

    “ Q “Melodic funky, and as smart as you like.”

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  2. Thanks for this old Jesus Music gem.... some of us out here have politics and music not in keeping w/ our current Evangelical brethren. So please... keep it coming.


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