Saturday, October 18, 2008

GYPSY - S/T 1970

Gypsy is a former American progressive rock band from Minnesota, formed as The Underbeats (1962-1968). Gypsy was the house band at the Whisky a Go Go, West Hollywood, California for about eight months from September 1969 to 1970 and were known in 1970 for their US Billboard charting single "Gypsy Queen Part 1 and 2". Most of Gypsy's music was composed and written by the late guitarist and singer Enrico Rosenbaum. Drummer Bill Lordan went on to play with Sly & the Family Stone and a long career with Robin Trower. Keyboardist James Walsh continued the band in various incarnations as The James Walsh Gypsy. Band.

Tracks :

1. "Gypsy Queen Part I" – 4:21
2. "Gypsy Queen Part II" – 2:33
3. "Man of Reason" (Johnson) – 2:59
4. "Dream If You Can" (Rosenbaum, Epstein) – 2:48
5. "Late December" – 4:12
6. "The Third Eye" (Walsh) – 4:55
7. "Decisions" – 8:16
8. "I Was So Young" – 4:00
9. "Here in My Loneliness" – 3:10
10. "More Time" – 5:35
11. "The Vision" – 7:30
12. "Dead and Gone" – 11:07
13. "Tomorrow is the Last to be Heard" – 5:48

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Ripped by : evermoreblues
Artwork Included


  1. Many Thanks !!! Great Post
    I want to add some vinyls rips hard to find
    1/Catfish Hodge ...The four Beginning Albums

    And an ultra rare record Bobby keys 1972

    Enjoy !!!!

  2. thank you fir the post, i have catfish hodge in LP :),but it's always nice to have them on cd's too..

  3. always mix this band with the english variety ...of the same name but two different sounds....thanks for this.

  4. Been looking for this for many years! 2 LPs literally fried from overuse. Thanks so much for this "LP"!

    Out of aver 1300 LPs, this always floats to the top of everything I owned.



  5. Thanks for this one Preacher,thought this was the u.k mob, seemed to happen a lot back then, same name different country. cheers from oz


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