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This was Gypsy's second album. The song "As Far As You Can See (As Much As You Can Feel)" is a 12 minute epic which is probably their best song from all of their albums. This song also received the most radio airplay from this album.

This was the most collectable Gypsy album up until the time it was released on CD. This album was regularly priced at $25.00 and up in Goldmine magazine, record stores in the midwest, and at record shows. Copies of the vinyl LP in mint condition will still command a significant price. This group has matured greatly with this second album. The basic music is structured much like their first LP, but the sound is more together and the organ, played by Jimmy Walsh, seems to be the focal point of the group's maturity. "As Far As You Can See" is an enchanting education; while the second side of the LP contains one view of paradise entitled "Here in the Garden," and two other explicitly religious tunes.

Tracks :

1. "Around You" – 5:27
2. "Reach Out Your Hand" – 2:33
3. "As Far As You Can See (As Much As You Can Feel)"
(Rosenbaum with intro by Lordan/Walsh) – 12:09
4. "Here in the Garden I" – 6:43
5. "Here in the Garden II" – 3:07
6. "Blind Man" – 3:59
7. "Time Will Make It Better" (Walsh) – 2:53

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  1. I downloaded this from WinMx many years ago. This is one of the bests albums that I've ever heard.
    Just writing to recommend it. Don't loose the chance to listen to this superb band. Their first album is magnific too.

    Alexandre, Brazil

  2. First Gypsy Album:

    Alexandre, Brazil

  3. If as you say, its anything like there first opus.....I guess Im in for a treat....fantastic sound and equally great lyrics....thanks for this one....all the best.


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