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From "Oakdown Farm", in 1971, their second album, and their first effort for Vertigo Records. Formed in the US in 1968, the band featured Kurt Palomaki on bass and clarinet, Steve Hayton on guitar and vocals and Clif Carrison on drums. They moved to England in 1969 when they were promised work in movies, but when this didn't materialize, they signed to Warner Brothers Records, having recruited Mo Armstrong on vocals (and Steve Miller helping out on keyboards). This line-up recorded the band's eponymous album, which was released in 1970.

Mo Armstrong and Steve Hayton then left the band (with the latter joining guitarist/vocalist Mick Softtley) and they were replaced by Gary ''Norton" Holderman and Pete Arnesen respectively. The line-up of Carrison, Palomaki, Arnesen and Holderman signed to Vertigo Records and Daddy Longlegs were effectively the first US band to appear on this prestigious progressive rock label. The album has some fantastic moments, varying between jazz, folk and rock.

Pete Arnesen would later team up with bass player Tim Wheatley (from Vertigo stablemates Gracious), and they formed Taggett with ex-Greatest Show on Earth vocalist/guitarist Colin Horton-Jennings in 1974. (Prior to this, both Arnesen and Palomaki had a short stint with Dick Morrissey's If, appearing on their ''Double Diamond" album in 1973). Daddy Longlegs then moved to Polydor Records and they released their third album, ''Three Musicians", in 1972. The band then released their final album, "Shifting Sands", the same year, before folding for good.

Tracks :

Rubber Tyre
Double Decker
Please Believe Me
Lonely Way
Sweet Louise
Wheeling & Dealing
Rusty Door
Gambling Man
Clara Bell
Night Shift

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