Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Blogger preacher said...

I have removed the link from my list, would you care to tell me what led to this request?


Blogger Chuntao said...

Yo Preacher.

Thank you from removing my link from your blogroll/link list.

I did not think you would be so foolish as to ask why I asked you to remove my list, but just go ahead and remove it. My message on your cbox would disappear in a few days and we don't need to speak of it again. But now you leave me no alternative. I have also taken the liberty of deleting your comments from a very early post where you approach me wanting to swap links. I had only posted 3 items at the time I think. In my naivety I took you you up on that offer.

You thought that you could take advantage of a noob, by the fact that I have made this blog "nofollow' thereby increasing 'link juiice'. Well Preacher, sorry to burst your bubble, but I have changed it back so as this comment and yours can be viewed without your site getting any credit.

So why did I ask you to remove my link. Well I found not just you but others bloggers that are just copying and pasting other professional journalists reviews of albums on your sites. It's ok to lift full pages from and wikipedia (even though they are for research and under GNU, but shoudn't be abused, and not for turning your site in a mini-encyclopaedia, but to pretend that you have written pieces that are word for word from music people from 'All Music Group' etc etc etc whose job it is, is to review albums is plagarism and theft. And that is wrong. Because your are a from eastern europe and your english might not be as good as someone whose first language is english doesn't give you or anyone else the right to steal other people's work.

I know that you will galantly respong to this, saying that I am talking poppycock. But if anyone who reads this puts - site:name of site in google, you will see a list of all indexed pages on any given site. Then use and input that address into their field you will find out that basically not one word in any piece written by you is yours. It has been lifted from somewhere else. The only words that are yours are when you get around to answering someone in your chatbox. Or asking someone for a link exchange.

Other sites which carry this plagarism and down right thievery and actually might be run by the same person as many posts seem to mirror each other and they are actually linked up (strange) apart from



There are more but some of these sites have a huge following and very high ranking and I'm surprised search engines haven't picked up on this sooner.

So Preacher Man, you asked the wrong question to the wrong person and I hope that this it.

And any of you who are affiliated with these blogs/sites I strongly urge y'all to cuts ties with them, if you have any sense.



Blogger preacher said...

Thank you for the extensive answer. I never said that those reviews were mine. You know , it's a huge process , posting this music to some of us with actual work. Ripping the music, making scans, posting the music... Try to work 10 - 12 hours a day, come home, do your everyday choirs , and then post 2-3 albums a day. Only the upload process takes about 2 hours ! Try doing this ever day ! So yeah, I copy the reviews from legitimate sources . And i post them at my blog , those reviews have only one purpose, to educate the people who don't have the clue what kind of album is posted there. To have an idea what kind of music it is. Some of us ENJOY the actual art presented there , the actual MUSIC.
And I am truly sorry if you can't understand what I am talking about , that's how we, the Eastern Europeans write and talk English ...


Blogger Chuntao said...


You are saying that those reviews are yours by not reciting where you got them in the first place.

No, what you are doing and everyone else mentioned on my list, so far ,are not giving the credit for those reviews to those who wrote them and revealing those sources at the end of the piece and misleading fellow bloggers and casual surfers alike, that not only can u upload 2-3 albums a day but somehow manage to write 3-5000 words a day? Are you Doestovestsky. No. Well quote your sources rather than steal the sources work.

If you notice from some of my links on some my my succinct reviews, I give the link willingly to the source eg wiki, therefore I don't need to CTRL C+V & milk it and it gives the user a chance to explore more info for themselves.

As for art you talk about, I lurve music as much as anyone else. Perhaps more so as I am only truly interested in rarities and bootlegs, not stuff that still has copyright on it. Maybe 95%. And in case you noticed I post alot of albums that cannot be gotten anywhere else unless you buy them as a digital download or happen to have them on vinyl. Because they are deleted or OOP.

Therefore not only are you stealing peoples written work sorry art, you are stealing musician's art also. You and the other's are common thiefs and are a joke to the blogging community. Coz I thought a blog - web log - is all about your voice not 5 or 6 others people's voices joined together. Are u schizophrenic or do you have multi-personality disorder?

And we are to believe that with all the resources available on the internet you need to rip music, yeh right and the amount of sites that have millions of CD & album covers you need to scan it, yeh right. You probably don't work either , so you are just a sham.

And before I go, It seems that you don't have time to listen to the music, in order to write any constructive or not and by regurgitating someone else's words parrot-fashion, you really don't know anything. FYI it takes 10-15 minutes to upload an album. There you don't work if u r on dial-up!

So you & your plagarizing cronies can leave me alone and by the way before Google shuts us all down, you need to go back to every post and quote your sources. Coz you can fool some of the people some of the time ...


PS Don't send another message as I will not publish.



  1. when i started to listen music you were still feeding on your moms breasts .and dont tell us that these blogs dont teach us about what is music .go fuck yourself chuntao.

  2. friend of this blogOctober 1, 2008 at 11:59 AM

    chuntao sucks , full profit blog!
    And it´s not important from where I get the discription of an album.
    It´s only your opinion Chuntao, not all blogger have the same statement as you. Drink your milk and eat your cookie.

  3. friend of this blogOctober 1, 2008 at 9:06 PM

    and for the future don´t visit
    this fucking blog !!!!!

  4. Get over yourself Duuude! If music reviews are 'professional journalism', then falling off the roof is traveling.

    And here's another news flash for the Chunt bay-boo, nobody on the blog wrote or played any of the music posted either.


  5. Just one question: what's the difference from an ethic point of view between stealing copyrighted music (ok, sharing it for the benefit of the community, blah, blah...) and stealing copyrighted comments to this music. We all are thieves, yes that's the name. So what? You gonna call the police? Boooo! Only hypocrites can say stealing music is ok but copying texts is wrong?
    Beside this, I don't asume the comments are blogger's opinions, I don't even asume they are true. I listen the music to form my own opinion, what about you, Chuntao?

  6. Hi Chuntao
    well I for one am very grateful to Preacher for taking the time to add this very useful info for each album, so why don't you, as we say in the UK simply keep your nose out and get a life !
    So Preacher, top marks from the UK to you and commiserations for the ingress of small minded people :(
    Keep up the good work


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