Sunday, October 5, 2008

CALIBAN - S/T 1998

Caliban is singer/mandolinist Lief Sorbye and fiddler Michael Mullen, both members of the progressive Celt-rock band Tempest. Caliban is their acoustic side project, one which focuses specifically on traditional material. Sorbye is a highly accomplished mandolin and bouzouki player, and he acquits himself beautifully on tunes like "Tipsy Sailor" and "The Open Door." Mullen is a fine fiddler as well, and an especially sensitive and tasteful accompanist. But Sorbye's singing is less enjoyable than his playing, and the stripped-down acoustic duo setting only makes his vocal limitations all the more obvious, especially on the lovely Norwegian ballad "Jeg Lagde Meg Sa Silde" and Richard Thompson's heartbreaking "Beeswing." He sounds better when there are more (and louder) musicians supporting his voice. This disc is by no means without its pleasures-it's just that most of them are instrumental.
Rick Anderson, All Music Guide

Tracks :

The Open Door
The Journeyman
Tipsy Sailor
Oh No
Jeg Lagde Meg Sa Silde
The Pony Set
Bold John Barleycorn
Major Malley
What Put the Blood
Company of Wolves

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  1. Thanks for this great disc.I wonder if you can post:TEMPEST 15TH ANNIVERSARY COLLECTION.Regards.

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