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Former The Gun and Three Man Army members, Paul Gurvitz and Adrian Gurvitz joined forces with ex-Cream drummer Ginger Baker in 1974. Things had not been going too well for Ginger Baker since the demise of his own band Ginger Baker's Airforce. The Gurvitz Brothers, too, were looking for a new way ahead after the early success of their band The Gun.

When Cream split up in 1968, Ginger Baker was invited to join Blind Faith, which formed the following year. This was not such a successful venture and following its demise, Ginger decided to put together his own outfit, Ginger Baker's Airforce, in 1970. This huge band included many of his friends and favourite musicians like Graham Bond, Phil Seamen, Denny Laine and Steve Winwood. The band recorded two 'live' albums, but eventually the whole project became too costly. In 1974, though, it seemed he could use his greatest talent in the Baker Gurvitz Army. Their first album was released the same year and featured a dynamic mixture of heavy rock, guitar themes propelled by Baker's irrepressible drumming.

The band recorded two more albums, Elysian Encounter and Hearts Of Fire. But personality clashes eventually led to the band breaking up the same year of their last release. In the aftermath Ginger briefly led a band called Energy, and was associated with Atomic Rooster and Hawkwind. In 2003 a music union named Flying In and Out of Stardom was released, with no new songs but the live track "Whatever It Is" recorded in 1975.
Info taken from : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baker_Gurvitz_Army

Tracks :

The Key
The Gambler
The Dreamer
The Artist
The Hustler

Link : http://rapidshare.com/files/151699696/Baker_Gurvitz_Army_-_Elysian_encounter_1976.rar

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