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Originally released in album form in 1972 to an indifferent world,it was intended by Arthur Lee as an attempt to follow through with an idea Jimi Hendrix had to form a group featuring himself and Arthur Lee along with Stevie Winwood & Remi K. from Traffic and call it Band-Aid.What Arthur salvages from the abortion is the name Band-Aid and a very straight-ahead stab at an even more Hendrix-ian sound than he'd been sneaking into his previous couple of releases.It results in sounding not so much like Jimi Hendrix,but more like what it really is-a tribute to the hard rock sound of later day Hendrix.Most of these songs are quite excellent,I have always particulary enjoyed "you can save up to 50% but you're still a long ways from home"(which ain't about nothin') "Every Time I Look Up I'm Down or White Dog" the 2 versions of "Everybody's Gotta Live"(neither of which combined equals the definitive version found on Reel To Real) The 2 versions of "You Want Change For You Re-run(looking glass looking at me)" is the younger sister of "Midnight Sun" from the excellent 'Black Beauty'acetate."He Knows A Lot Of Good Women or Scotty's Song" "Hamburger Breath Stinkfinger" and "Ol'Morgue Mouth" and the demo of "Ezy Rider" included is great [though not as great as Jimi's version(s)]Vindicator is still as excellent as it ever was,but by all means wait for the new remastered version coming out around Oct-Nov'07,it should have all the imperfections on the '97 re-issue ironed out.Hopefully they'll get around to releasing everything Lee ever recorded before WE slip to the other side.
By Jeffrey M. Jordan

Tracks :

01 - Sad Song
02 - You Can Save Up To 50 Procent But You're Still A Long Ways From Home
03 - Love Jumped Through My Window
04 - Find Somebody
05 - He Said She Said
06 - Every Time I Look Up I'm Down Or White Dog (I Don't Know What That Means)
07 - Everybody's Gotta Live
08 - You Want Change For Your Re-Run
09 - He Knows A Lot Of Good Woman (or Scotty's Song)
10 - Hamburger Breath Stinkfinger
11 - Ol' Morgue Mouth
12 - Busted Feet
13 - Everybody's Gotta Live (Bonus)
14 - He Knows A Lot Of Good Women (Bonus)
15 - Pencil In Hand (Bonus)
16 - E-Z Rider (Bonus)
17 - Looking Glass Looking At Me (Bonus)

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  1. Thanks so much for posting this underappreciated classic!

  2. my first, last and only acid trip...18 hours listening to this album.and it's still beautiful today
    thanks so much for posting this masterpiece!


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