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A lesser-known American symphonic band from Rockford Illinois, ALBATROSS was heavily Influenced by Yes, Keith Emerson, and Lift., they share the same dubious honor as bands like Starcastle and Cathedral in their Yes comparisons.

The Band featured Mark Dahlgren on keyboards, Paul Roe on lead guitar, Joe Guarino on bass, Dana Williams on Percussion, and Mike Novak, who's vocals have been called an acquired taste. Dahlgren's synths and mellotron often suffer accusations of copying Rick Wakeman and Emerson.

The strength lies in the experimentation and guitar/synth duets. They only released the self titled album on the Anvil label in 1976.

Singer Mike Novak joined THE BLUES HAWKS (another Rockford band) in 1996. This was tremendously good news, as he had just recovered from a double aneurysm.

H.T. Riekels (bhikkhu)

Tracks :

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
Mr. Natural
Devil's Strumpet
Cannot be Found
Humpback Whales

Link :

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