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Long sought after British hard rock ripper finally sees a legit pressing with three bonus tracks. Agnes Strange was a trio that was one part Budgie, one part Status Quo, and one part pub-rock band. Well maybe thats all a bit redundant. If the names Incredible Hog, Leafhound and Human Beast give you damp knickers you need to check this minor classic from 1975 out.

"The forgotten saga of Agnes Strange and their lost album is one bizarre tale. The result of an unlikely joint venture between a major label (RCA) and the Bird’s Next chain of real ale music pubs, the Southampton-based power trio’s one and only album sank without trace in 1975, thanks in large part to the winding down of the band’s bookers, the Dick James Agency.

Now reissued for the first time, it comes with three bonus tracks (the single mix of Give Yourself A Chance and outtakes Motorway Rebel and Strange Flavour), and boasts both UK and European sleeve art. This collector’s item, with its big, warm analogue sound feels like the sort of wholesome fare that once upon a time surfaced on Harvest or Vertigo. Stuck in the no man’s land between the hard rock boom of the late 60s/early 70s and the dawning of punk, and produced by early rock’n’roll devotee Dave Travis, Agnes Strange crank their hearty blue collar mix of heavy rock, blues and rock’n’roll with occasional nods towards Taste, The Groundhogs, Budgie and, in their more boogiefied moments, vintage Quo. Very much one for those who like their rock tough and unfussy, in a full-Englishbreakfast- for-the-ears kind of a way." - Record Collector

Tracks :

1. Give Yourself A Chance
2. Clever Fool
3. Motorway Rebel
4. Travelling
5. Strange Flavour
6. Alberta
7. Loved One
8. Failure
9. Children of the Absurd
10. Odd Man Out
11. Highway Blues
12. Granny Don't Like Rock 'n Roll
13. Interference
14. Give Yourself A Chance

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  1. Thanks Mr. Evermore Blues for Agnes Strange´s "Strange Flavour".
    Nice blog with gems of sixties.

  2. Thanks Mr. Evermore Blues for Agnes Strange´s "Strange Flavour".
    Nice blog with gems of sixties.

  3. Excellent blog !! I have allready add you to my blog . Thanks for sharing!

  4. I think i may have been the onlyn person to have bought this classic in 1975


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