Sunday, September 14, 2008


WAPASSOU is one of the most original French Progressive rock bands ! Recorded in 1974, the eponymous album of keyboardist Freddy BRUA and friends shows a music in the same category as the first PINK FLOYD, AMON DL II, CZAR or ASH RA TEMPEL albums. We can find here some throbbing and varied melodies. The numerous flute, guitar, clarinet and sitar lines are an ideal counterpart to a true rock feeling. It also includes some guests among which Benoit MOERLEN at the percussions, also coming from Strasbourg. As a bonus, the Musea reissue includes two tracks originally issued as singles. On the following albums, WAPASSOU reaffirmed their originality: the formula is then based on keyboards, violin and guitar combinations and structures. BACH and WAGNER seem to be the obvious references here. "Salammb" (1977) was inspired by the works of Gustave FLAUBERT. The enchanting ambiences develop along repetitive organ and violin sequences, which give this music a kind of dark solemnity and symphonicism. Not to be missed!

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