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Parish Hall was a power trio from the California Bay Area. The band consisted of Gary Wagner (guitar, piano, vocals),John Haden (bass), and Steve Adams (drums). Specializing in a hard rock/blues rock sound, their album was originally released near the end of 1970 on a small local California record label. Reminiscent of the sound of another popular trio of the day, the Jimi Hendrix Experience,Parish Hall had begun to gain the recognition of some European collectors by the late 1990s, and originals have fetched high prices in collector's markets. All songs on this album are originals written by Wagner and hold up well when compared to other hard rock acts. The album has been reissued by Akarma with the original artwork and digitally remastered sound.

Tracks : 

1: My Eyes Are Getting Heavy (5:16)
2: Dynaflow (3:06)
3: Ain't Feelin' Too Bad (2:50)
4: Silver Ghost (2:53)
5: Skid Row Runner (3:19)
6: Lucanna (2:32)
7: We're Gonna Burn Together (2:37)
8: Somebody Got the Blues (3:02)
9: How Can You Win? (2:53)
10: Take Me with You When You Go (2:55)

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  1. thanks to all at evermore for this effort, just finished reading about them,and here we are in the 'evermore vault'!! what a gem. cheers from oz


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