Thursday, September 11, 2008


A treat for all those who relish  the sound of psychedelic blues, a form that few, apart from Beefhart and Oliver , have ever satisfactorily mastered. Oliver's hel hounds are on his trail for sure, great slavering paisley-patterned beasts with saucer-sized eyes and claws that catch. Here are dreams and fantasies that are wholly original, pure and surrealistically sublime.

All audible song and notes conceived and uttered or fingered by OLIVER CHAPLIN with a contribution from some smaller winged creatures. Recorded mostly on the farm in Wales during early 1974 within shouting distance of the Standing Stone. Everything was recorded by Oliver directly onto a Teac 4 channel machine using one microphone and/or direct injection guitar – no synthesized sounds. Subsequently mixed by CHRIS CHAPLIN.

Tracks : 

1. Of On A Trek (1:21)
2. Trance (3:50)
3. Flowers On A Hill (2:09)
4. Freezing Cold Like An Icberg (3:49)
5. Royal Flush (3:24)
6. Cat And The Rat (5:32)
7. Instamatic (2:08)
8. Telephone (3:11)
9. Getting Fruity (2:04)
10. Tricycle (1:07)
11. Motorway (3:18)
12. Primrose (2:22)
13. In Vain (2:00)
14. Multiplex (1:07)
15. Orbit Your Factory (4:50)
16. Tok Tic (6:09)
17. Where’s My Motorbike (1:17)

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  1. thanks to all at evermore for this one, harder to find than rocking horse poo!!. cheers from oz


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