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Orig Year 1980
Discs 1
Release Date Jul 12, 1991
Studio/Live Studio
Mono/Stereo Stereo
Producer Bruce Iglauer
Recording Time 70 minutes
Personnel Jimmy Jewell - tenor saxophone
Willie Young - tenor saxophone
Category Rock/Pop Albums, Blues CDs, Blues Collections, Chicago Blues, Oldies Collections

Track Listing
1. If I Hadn't Been High - Detroit Junior
2. Some Nerve - Detroit Junior
3. Somebody to Shack - Detroit Junior
4. I Got Money - Detroit Junior
5. Somebody Have Mercy - Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson
6. Got to Have Money - Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson
7. Just Like Mama Said - Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson
8. Look What You Done - Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson
9. Going Upstairs - Queen Sylvia Embry
10. Blues This Morning - Queen Sylvia Embry
11. Tired of Being Pushed Around - Queen Sylvia Embry
12. Please Let Me Stay - Queen Sylvia Embry
13. Blues For a Real Man - Big Leon Brooks
14. Thirteen Years in Prison - Big Leon Brooks
15. Country Boy - Big Leon Brooks
16. My Life Ain't the Same - Big Leon Brooks
17. I Got News For You - Andrew Brown
18. Morning, Noon and Night - Andrew Brown
19. Two Years - Andrew Brown

Album Notes
Personnel: Detroit Junior: Detroit Junior (piano, vocals), L.C. Roby (guitar), Willie Young (tenor saxophone), Jimmy Jewell (tenor saxophone), Marilyn Love (bass) and Odie Payne Jr. (drums).
Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson: Luther Johnson Jr. (guitar, vocals), Joe Berson (harmonica), Brian Bisesi (guitar), Joe Wille "Pinetop" Perkins (piano), Calvin Jones (bass) and Willie Smith (drums).
Queen Sylvia Embry: Sylvia Embry (bass, vocals), Buddy Scott (guitar), Sam Good (guitar), Ralph Lapetina (keyboards) and Dino Alvarez (drums).
Big Leon Brooks' Blues Harp Band: Big Leon Brooks (harmonica, vocals), Louis Myers (guitar), and Joe Willie "Pintop" Perkins (piano), Freddie DIxon (bass) and Odie Payne Jr. (drums).
Andrew Brown: Andrew Brown (guitar, vocals), Otis Webster (guitar), Roland Brown (keyboards), Al Lewis (trumpet), Charles Smith (tenor sax), Spurling Banks (bass) and Casey Joney (drums).

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