Friday, September 26, 2008


This German psychedelic Pop-rock band released originally in 1971 a double album on Liberty / U.A./ 17 tracks, over 70 minutes. A direction like BEATLES-"White Album", but more psychedelic songs. Every track is pure emotional music, plenty more of lyrical sound with superb flute and great harmony vocals, included a 17 min track "A soldiers songbook" from the Beatnik-Film "Wer im Glashaus liebt oder der Graben" by Michael Verhoeven. A real gigantic musical trip!

Tracks :

Doctor Bob Dylan
Pink hawthorn
If you want to
Fudd McGorges
An old army poem
Where will the salmon spawn
To my son
A soldier's songbook
Shining brightly in the sun
It is you
Columbines violets and daisies
I am the wolf
A well respected man
Drunken Mr. Hyde

Band Members :

Fickert, Johnny(vocals, percussion, flute, alto sax)
Linstädt, Axel(guitars, keyboards, vocals)
Ruppert, Uli(bass)
Gröschner, Rolf(drums)

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